How to deploy software

I have just read a post from Zach Holman about the software deployment.

In his blog, he mention about how to deploy a software, to make our work  be stress-free:

“Your deploys should be as boring, straightforward, and stress-free as possible”

There is no step-by-step guidance but He give us a good approach about to getting a better deployment process:

  • Have good tests. You do not need to scare & waiting for the deployment status.
  • Feature Flags. You can test your feature on the production environment ASAP. -> reduce the risk of production issue.
  • Review your code early & often
  • Branching is not about development. It’s about deployment also.
  • Deploy your branch before merging it to master. You won’t want to change anything after push something to master branch.
  • Automate your deployment. Don’t repeat yourself
  • Everything need a process, define one & follow it.
  • Check your work. Is your site still up ?
  • Communication
  • Cleanup.
  • And more…

You can check the post here:



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